Latest CD: Beloved Earth Songs

About the Album: Two very fine guitarists playing some of Earth’s finest songs! Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo have played over 1,000 duo guitar concerts all over the planet and have played along side the world’s finest musicians. Their playing together as a duo is infectiously fun, melodic and will keep your foot tapping for as long as their guitars make sound.

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Vinny Raniolo Biography

I don't have a lot of background info on Vinny Raniolo. I know he's from Long Island. I first saw him when he was about 22 and accompanying Frank Vignola during his appearance at the Connecticut Guitar Society's "Summer Jazz Series" keeping up with Frank note for note. No easy task. He began playing guitar at age 13 and. . .

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Jazz St. Louis: Vinny Raniolo

Vinny Raniolo has already performed at some of the top venues in the world with his music. Vinny is dedicated to his career as a professional touring musician, studio musician, educator, and arranger. Vinny has been on numerous recordings with Bucky Pizzarelli, Tommy Emmanuel, Tony Trishka, Matt Flinner, Ken Peplowski to name a few. Vinny is also an experienced educator and has taught classes at Bowling Green University, Kent State University, Asiago Music Conservatory, and others

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Vail Daily: Frank & Vinny

After his years of playing alongside the aforementioned gamut of celebrity musicians, Vignola set out to start a rock band and originally auditioned Raniolo for electric bass. After performing together for a year or so, it became apparent that the young music student had his own fair share of bionic skill on the guitar, and Frank & Vinny was born. “I grew up playing guitar in the ‘90s and I studied a lot of jazz when I was learning,” Raniolo said. “A teacher of mine told me if I learned how to play bass. . .

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